Friday, September 7, 2012

Little Black Box

Ok I have been a total slacker :( we went on vacation for a week, then baby girl was sick for a week, then I didn't MAKE time to catch up. Although nothing new has taken place in those few weeks, I still feel the need to apologize for not making something awesome happen.

Anywho...todays post is about a little black box, literally! I do not recall how I came across this sampler box (my new obsession) but I ordered it and I love it! First of all, the lady is based out of Texas,, which is where I am! And she has great customer service! She just recently posted that she will no longer be in charge though so I hope the boxes stay around! I'm not sure why this one doesn't seem to be as popular as the others but maybe she's getting there! Check her out!

The boxes go on sale the first of every month and once they're gone they're gone. They are $20 a month which includes shipping, plus sales tax if you live in Texas. They also sell gift bags which are $6 and have fewer samples. She also has an incentive program for contributing and referrals.

So now the fun stuff! This months sponsor was Mistress Rae's Decadent Designs

The box didn't even fit in my mailbox, which was exciting!

 Cute "little black box" with their signature turquoise bow!
 Filled with goodies!
 Package from the sponsor, cute halloween theme!
 Soft mints (my fave!), 2 postcards, some advertisement cards, earrings, and a cute halloween bow, perfect for baby girl!
 If you look closely you can see the fabric on the bow has sparkly bats on it :)
 Cute simple earrings
This was apparently leftover from last years halloween box, but it was still a cute addition, it's a fabric bracelet
Super cute and halloween-y!
 Little crochet circles, I see most people use them as face scrubbies.
 These are so simple but I love them!
 Cute little bobby pins with rhinestones in a pretty amber color!
 Simple little notepad made from a card game
 The only candle tart, but it smells delicious! Exactly like the name-Cherry Slushie!
 2 sets of cute dangle earrings
 Package from Brieabella's
 Orange clove scented lotion, very fall-ish and a slice of soap, I e-mailed her to get the scent because it wasn't labeled. But it smells very good!
 Cute cup package from Lucia Carrill
 Candy, a cute and strong magnet, and their signature pendant made with limited edition scrabble tiles
 Beeswax Peace Spell Candle, very earthy
 And the cutest bag of "sand" which is bath salts, and a "seashell" which is soap, sand and sun fragrance, smells like summer!
Overall I loved my sample box from Little Black Box, I hope the new ownership goes over well, I was very pleased with all my samples. I received about 16 acutal samples, along with lots of discount cards, a few postcards, brochures, a pamphlet, and business cards.


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