Friday, September 21, 2012

Mystery Tackle Box Review

I cannot believe how much the subscription box business is growing! I swear there is a new box everyday!

When I saw this one I was extremely excited! I know its not your typical box, but you see, my husband is an avid fisherman. I mean he is OBSESSED! So I figured that since Mila and I both receive sweet stuff in the mail, that he could use some lovin' too! Thus the Mystery Tackle Box
Using code WFN499 you can get your first box for $4.99, and after that they start out at only $15 a month plus free shipping.

Included in our first box was: (Im not going to go into detail since I figure most people who read my blog are women) 2 bags of soft plastics, some hooks, a football jig, a chatter frog, and a sticker. With each box they include cards describing each product and the price.

According to their facebook page, there will be 10 items in Octobers box! Right now their boxes are geared toward bass and freshwater fishing, they are hoping to add more boxes in the future. So this could be the perfect gift for someone who loves to fish!


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