Friday, August 10, 2012

Before & Afters

Since I am just now starting to blog, I have a small collection redo jobs that I want to share with you! I don't have any pictures of the process, but I recall them all very well so if you have any questions please feel free to ask!
First one is nothing too exciting but was totally worth it, we recovered 6 chairs for my mother-in-laws dining room table. She has 6 grandkids and the chairs were originally covered in microfiber...easy to clean but not near as easy as vinyl!

Next is one that was quite simple, found some cute but used black flats that fit at our salvation army and sprayed them with Krylon Glitter blast then added some gems, still not too crazy about the gems, I think I will replace them with some cute matching brooches, if I can find any!

This one was way easy too, I like easy. This is our office chair up at work and it was desperate, silly me forgot to take a decent before picture, I get too excited! But you can imagine that the top was just as ugly as the bottom. Since I knew where the chair came from and we would be using it, not selling it or gifting it, there was was no reason to discard the old fabric and foam so I simply just covered it with the new fabric. The fabric was bought at a garage sale for $1!

Now we are getting to my favorites! These shoes were originally from target and I wore them quite a bit as is. But everyone always seems to be getting some cute toms or other slip ons so I decided I would make some one of a kind by using Texas Tech fabric and sparkle mod podge of course! I also used ribbon to line the edge. And I love how each toe is different!

This one was done for a friend, I love how it turned out but it was not easy! Primed and painted a few coats of white, then made a make-shift projector (real ones are expensive!) and drew the zebra and carefully painted in the stripes black, with several coats. Then drew the word beyond on it in lime green, it's a saying between her and her lovey.

This could not have been any easier!
Step one: take old ugly forest green lawn chair and spray with krylon fusion red, no priming necessary!
Step two: take old pillow, that no one would even glance at in your garage sale, and some 50 cent (the monetary value, not the rapper) fabric and make an easy envelope pillowcase for it, I didn't even hem the edge, it's an outside pillow and no one will see it anyways :)
That's it! Stare at your front porch and oooo and ahhh at how much cuter it looks! Now contemplate painting your front door with white polka dots to get all matchy matchy...don't tell your husband about that last part!

These are probably my favorite! For now anyways. I really wanted some hand painted toms from etsy, but for $80 at the cheapest, I couldn't make myself do it. So after searching everywhere in a town nearby, I finally came across these cute leopard toms-ish like shoes. Found them at Shoe Carnival for $24. I had the rhinestones, acrylic paint, and brushes on hand, so I scoured the Internet for some cute ideas and finally came up with this, they are not perfect, nor do they even closely resemble the ones I've seen on etsy and pinterest, but they are mine and I love them.

I am currently working on some other fun stuff including a tough challenging reupholstering job, a trunk, and a chandelier! Can't wait to show you!
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