Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lost Crates-Joy The Baker Review

So after waiting all day yesterday and checking the door every 5 minutes, my box finally arrived!

Cute! Nice presentation, and I like how all the items match!

Here's what was inside
A little postcard from Joy:
"This august crate is brought to you by Rifle Paper!"
"Rifle Paper is a boutique stationary company that I absolutely adore. Their designs are whimsical, classic, and pretty up any coffee-sipping situation.
"I imagine that these darling tokens will stud your petite living room table. I hope you'll settle in, sip coffee, and have a good long chat with a long lost friend. Thank you for being a part of Lost Crates. You'll be back in the kitchen with your September crate! It's time to get baking!"

A telephone message pad (85 sheets), 15% off Rifle Paper (code: lostcrates) feel free to use it! And a cute set of 8 botanical coasters.

While the stuff in the box was very cute, I have to admit I was a tad disappointed to not get kitchen stuff... But now I am anxious for next months box!
Have fun!!!


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