Sunday, August 12, 2012

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have become popular! They are not necessarily new, just exciting and different. You know when your parents used to be in a wine of the month club...I don't, my parents drank their wine from a box, haha just kidding! No but seriously, monthly subscriptions (besides magazines) have been around for ages.

I am not HUGE on makeup, I mean I do own some, but for as long as I can remember I was never one of those girls who wore it everyday. Don't get me wrong, I care about how I look, I mean obviously, I have a sexy husband to prove it, but he loves the fact that I dont wear makeup and that works for us :) That being said, I still love skincare and beauty products. Now there are tons of "beauty" boxes out there so I have been on the search for some different ones.

I currently have my little one subscribed to Citrus Lane, we have been getting it for about 3 months now and I am very pleased with it! They send you an assortment of toys, food, and stuff for mom for $25 a month. And what they send is always worth well over $25. You can also buy 3-month, 6-month (1boxfree), and 12-month (2boxesfree) subscriptions. I think its totally worth it! So check 'em out!

Now for the new ones! I decided I deserved needed wanted some boxes in the mail for myself, not that I don't get enough! My wonderful mother, grandmother, and aunts are constantly sending me packages :) especially after the little one arrived. So here is what I recently subscribed to:
The most expensive but most addicting one is Little Black Bag. For $50 a month, or $60 one time, you pick out one name brand item from their site, add it to your "bag" and they add 2-5 more items, you then have 7 days to trade your items for things you want or you can keep what they gave you and have it shipped immediately. If you want something specific then it takes some time and patience to get it, but its totally worth it! I have 3 days left to trade so, I am sticking it out and I will show you what my first bag brings as soon as I get it! Can't wait!

The next one I signed up for is twistband I did this one because they had an amazing deal on Plum District for a 3-month subscription for only $15 plus $3.95 shipping. Now this is a simple one, once a month they send 5-8 of their cute hair ties and/or headbands to you. And since I am always wearing my hair up, I lose quite a few hair ties. I will show the box as soon as it arrives.

The next new one is from Pink Olive which sells cute whimsical gifts for home and baby. Their Olive Box is brand new and will launch this fall, but if you hurry and sign up now they will give you a major discount on the trial box. $15 plus free shipping! They plan on charging $24 plus shipping when they initially start. I am excited to see what this one has in store!

This next one I had a promo code for so thats why I signed up for it and unless it wows me then I will probably cancel after the first box. Lost Crates has just teamed up with Joy The Baker to send out a monthly box that is I'm hoping, full of goodies! This one is actually already on its way! Maybe I'll get it tomorrow!

Ok sorry about such a long post but I am very excited about these new boxes! So here is the last one, I found it through this awesome blogger and for my first box it was only $5! It is from Jewel Box and they pick a custom piece of jewelry for you based on your style, and if I read it right I get 2 pieces instead of one! There are 5 different style types: Urban Sophisticate, Boho Glamour, Free Spirit, Classic Chic, and Vintage Finds. Or the Mystery Box!

Alright, there are many more I want to try out! But I think thats enough for now! If you know of any new ones, or ones that I should try feel free to let me know!

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